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Hlo Friends, if u are searching for karnataka WhatsApp group link and karnataka girls whatsapp group link, I have shared all types of latest updated karnataka whatsapp groups and karnataka whatsapp group here. this post will show u for your best  category of whatsApp group links, where u can choose and join that whats app groups which u like  as per your choice

How to find karnataka whatsapp group ?

  • Click on group info in whatsapp app.
  • Now click on add member option.
  • Find invite group via the link.
  • Now Copy and share it with anyone who want to join your group.
  • we have a large numbers of whatsapp groups in different topics
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  • Chose your favorite group and join through link.

How to find broadcast list in whatsapp ?

A WhatsApp broadcast list enables one to message several friends, known contacts simultaneously. WhatsApp broadcast lists are basically saved lists of WhatsApp message recipients that one can repetitively send broadcast messages to without having to choose them every time.

Step to follow:-

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the Chats screen > More.
  3. Tap Broadcast Lists. (select from an existing broadcast list here) or can create a new one.Tap + or Add List >

How do i join a group on whatsapp ?

  1.  Download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iPhone and create an account, if necessary.
  2.  Tap the link in the invite text — this will prompt WhatsApp to open on your phone.
  3. Select “Join Group.”
  4. When people create a group, they have the option to use a QR code, as an alternative to sending a link. If that’s the case and you have an iPhone, you can use your phone’s camera to scan the link and join.

How to know in whatsapp who is online

WhosApp Online Is an application who allows you to monitor the online status of your friends, family and employees on Whatsapp. Activate the push notifications to be alerted instantly when someone is online.

karnataka Girls whatsapp group Link

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  • Kannada Lovely group – Link 
  • ಕನ್ನಡ Group – Link 
  • Kannada Beautiful Girls Group – Link 
  • Fashion Group – Link 
  • Bengaluru Girls Group – Link 
  • Anyone can make Movie – Link 
  • Dustbin Group – Link  
  • Fans of Dhruva Group – Link
  • Rachita Ram Fans Club – Link 
  • Kannada Girls Ludo group – Link 
  • Kannada Agricultural Information group – Link 
  • Meetup Grow Connect group – Link 
  • Karnataka Business Startup Group – Link 
  • Cricket Fantasy Guruji – Link 
  • Dhoni fans group – Link 
  • Karnataka Cricket update group – Link 
  • Kannada information Group – Link  
  • ಮುದ್ದು ಮನಸ್ಸು Group – Link 
  • PMIT Profnl Photographer – Link 
  • Agricultural Study Group – Link 
  • NTR fans Group – Link 
  • Namma Tollywood Group – Link 
  • Social Add world – Link 
  • Kannada Gods Group – Link 
  • Muttu Swamy Comedy Group – Link
  • Dyne Sensation group – Link
  • D Boss Group – Link
  • ತುಲ್ಲಿನ ರಸ Group – Link
  • Jobs Carrier Group – Link
  • KS Boss buddy Group – Link


friends these are the latest updated whats app groups of karnataka if u are having any issue please know to us in Comment Box.