Quote a message in your response In whatsapp.

Messaging app WhatsApp has been updating its platform constantly in an effort to stay relevant in the chat platform space for the young and old equally. 

The app is no doubt one of the most popular ones in India and in recent months the Facebook-owned platform has introduced various outstanding features on its platform. One of the recent updates is a reply functionality, which makes it easier to quote reply someone in a group chat.

However, strangely many people are not aware of this functionality yet.

 This feature will help putting a message for a particular person in a message trail fast. This is useful because when we chat in a group and a question is asked by a member of the group, the reply is lost in a large number of messages. So, with this functionality now you will be able to reply immediately to the person on the chat.

Here you can reply by swiping right or by long pressing. You just swipe right the message to which you want to reply and you can very easily reply to the particular person. The second method of long pressing is quite old and the users mostly know it. However, the limitation of the second method is that you can't specifically write the reply right after the message and that is why your message might get lost in large number of message in a group chat.