Secure your WhatsApp using Fingerprint lock

WhatsApp chats can now be secured using your fingerprints on Android phones and tablets.

  • Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen.
  • Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots) on the top right corner.
  • Hit Settings
  • Tap Account.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Scroll down to see all the options.
  • Tap Fingerprint lock.
  • Toggle Unlock with fingerprint to On.
  • Verify using your fingerprint to enable the feature.
Once active, you'll be able to set a time for when WhatsApp automatically locks. There are three options in the Automatically lock settings:

Immediately: Locks WhatsApp as soon as you exit the app. You'll need to use your fingerprint every time to view messages.

After 1 minute: Locks WhatsApp one minute after you exit the app.

After 30 minutes: Locks WhatsApp 30 minutes after you exit the app. Use this if you need to secure your account but don't want to unlock every time.

You can also disable message previewsfrom showing up in the notification shade. Toggle Show content in notifications to Off to make sure messages don't show up on the lock screen or notification panel.