What is Domain?

Domain is like name though which your customers or visitors identify your blog or website.

For example: you are creating a travel blog and you are traveling all over India. And your blog name is xyz Indian travellers. So for this blog you should take a Domain name which is more likely related to your topic or name of your blog. So you should choose a domain like, xyztravellers.com or .in,.org or more like this. So that people or visitors who are coming to your blog, they can easily remember your blog and next time, when they will search some travel related topics. They can directly search in your domain name and will come again to your blog. So good domain name will give your blog a high authority in future.

What is Domain

Different types of Domain name available in market.

There are lot of domain name available in market at this time like, .com, .org, .in, .tk, .pk and more.  Mostly you can see there a a different types of domain available in market with very cheap price. And Also more companies are selling domain mames freely. But authority and high quality domains like .com, .org and more, are available in medium range in market. Because These are the High quality domains and These domains are ranking All over the world in search engines.

Which domain should purchase for blog free/ paid.

There are two options available for you to select that domain you will purchase free or paid here I have shared all differences between free and paid domains.

Free Domain:

Free domain mainly provide by those companies who entered in to Market newly and they will not provide you free domain for Life time, they will provide you free domain for 1month or 2month or 6month or Max to Max 1year. But they will not provide you more than 1year at all because ultimately they want more clients with him who will only attract by free things. But renewal charges after completion of free time period will be a maximum amount which you can't pay because which amount you will pay for renewal of free domain, at that price range you can purchase 2 or more High quality domains from Market. when you will start working on those free domain, when your blog will be old and some authority but due to price range you can not afford that free domain and free domain will not give you that much traffic than paid authority domain.

Anathor dis advantages of free domain is free domain will not be High quality domain so when you will apply for adsense approval for your blog it will be more difficult to find adsense approval in free domain.

Paid domain:

Paid domain are most successful and authority domain for your blog. Because these are high quality domains like, .com, .org, .in and more. Which will be more helpful for your blog to rank in all search engines. And when you will apply for Google Adsense and any other advertisement application for approval it will help you more for find instant approval. And high quality domains will make your blog more popular and fastest ranking. And you can afford these domains. And renewal charges of domain will be more affordable for you. And you can make more money from blogging. There are lots of companies available in market but Bluehost is most affordable and High quality domain provider I suggest you to purchase Domain from Bluehost. Support is 24*7.

Domain with targeted country

If you want to start a blog to target a specific country, and all of your targeted audience will be a specific countries then you can take a Domain who will more helpful to rank your specific country. You can take .com, .org domain which will rank your blog all over the world.

For example your blog is targeted in india country you can take .in domain. Which will help your blog to rank in mostly india country.


Hi friends here I have shared all the information about domain, what is Domain and different types of domain and How you can choose best domain for your blog. I think this article will help you a lot for choose best domain for your blog. If you have any questions please free to comment below. We will indefinitely solve your problem. Thank u all.