• What is blogging ?

Blogging is a passion to share your thoughts with people digitally. Share your experiences with writing to a group of people through internet. Few years ago people were only able to share only information through internet for collecting more audiences in their blog. But now a days also you can take blogging as a career. You can share your thoughts with people through internet and can also earn money from blogging.

  • What is required for blogging as a beginner?

If you are not yet started blogging or you have already started your own blog and now you are a beginner in blogging, then you should know what is required for blogging. Most important thing for blogging is, you should first chhose which topic you have experience and what you can give value to your blog readers. If you choose it, you will be definitely a successful in future in blogging.

  • What is a blog?

Blog is a database where you can create, store, design and edit your post and process all backend work here and give a full structure How people can see your blog.

When you choose a topic for blogging, now the time to share your thoughts with people through posts. As a beginner you should create your first blog with Blogger.com. which is a fully free blogging platform. Where you can start your blog freely and share your thoughts with posts.

  • Best free blogging platform 2021

For beginners in blogging, should choose a free blogging platform where you can create your blog freely and know All the work How to setup a blog and bring your blog in front of public. A lot of work you should do when you start a blog. So you should first learn more about blogging and you should practice blogging work in your free blog. There are a lot of free blogging platform available to start your new blog. And also you can earn money from your these free blog Also.
Now I am sharing with you some free blogging platform details.

  • Blogger.com

Blogger.com is first and most popular free blogging platform. Where you can find all the things freely and easily you can setup your blog and make it live publically. You should have a gmail account to sign up to blogger. When you will sign up you can create your free blog. In blogger you can freely customise your blog and you can find free domain and hosting in it also free themes. You can easily able to create your first blog.

  • Wix.com

Wix.com is anther free blogging platform like blogger which will help you to create your customized blog freely and Also free domain and hosting will be available here. You can easily start your blogging journey with wix. It will help you to index your blog in search engines.

  • Weebly.com

Weebly Is anathor blogging platform where you can share your thoughts and blog posts to a larger audience. Free customisation and a lot of features available here. You have not to know any coading language to develop your blog.

  • Is free blogging platform good for beginners?

Yes beginners are New in blogging platform they should learn from mistakes. They have to learn more from free blogging platform and should know how people developing blogs and customising them and how they earning money from blog. A minimum 6 months practical training requirements them to learn all technical education regarding blogging. After that they can able to easily swhitch to paid or wordpress. But they can also continue his career in free blog Also. A lot of people Also not continuing his blogging career in free blog and earning money from it. But domain name registration more helpful for them in free blog. You can connect easily your domain in your blog. Next article I will give all information about this.