Customise your blog in blogger in 2021.

Hi friends here I am going to share with you, how you can customise your blog easily in easy steps.

Create basic and important pages in your blog.

You should first create most important pages in your Blog. These are most important and mandatory to create. Because these pages with be both helpful for your blog readers and search engines to know about your blog, and also you. 

They can know about your blog that, what you are doing in your blog and also who is creating posts. and if any issues facing by your blog readers, How they can contact you.

Below I have shared which pages you should mandatory to create and what you will provide in that Page. See them.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer

About Us:

About Us page helps your blog readers and also search engines to know about you. That who are you, and what is your profession and in which topic you are providing information to your customers, actually you are experts in that topic or not. So main thing is that, in about us page you can share all the information about you.

Contact us:

Friends contact us page is most important, because, When you are providing any information in your blog, more blog readers and search engines will visit your blog regularly. If any problems arising with them, what will they do? Definitely they will contact you, because you are providing information to them, with using your blog.

So, you should give your contact details like email id, or any social media platforms information of yours, so that they can contact you. 

So contact us page is most important in your blog.

Privacy policy:

Privacy policy is most important because, here you will share all information about what Policy you are using in your blog and there are many free privacy policy generator website you can easily make your website privacy policy.


A disclaimer can help you protect and claim original works of authorship to avoid misuse. Termify will help you generate the best for the case so that you keep working carefree. You can also generate disclaimer free from various websites.

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Choose best responsible theme for your blog.

After create pages, next important step is choose best responsible theme for your blog. For proper customisation. When you customising your blog in, there are already some free themes available. You can also use them in your blog before customisation. Because themes do a huge impact on your blog and loading time and speed of your blog.

You can use best amp themes. Which are available in different websites freely or you can choose paid themes also.

Blog layout customisation in

Blog layout options is available for structure your blog. Mainly there are all the control of your blog. 

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On the header you should add your blog name and blog description. This will show automatically. If you want to set a logo you can add there. And Also you can add blog favicon there. So when any one visit your blog, at the top, near your blog address your favicon will be shown.


Body is the entire place below header of your blog, where all posts which will publish on your blog will be shown there.


Sidebar is the place where you can add all wedgets of your blog like, categories, popular posts, monthly archives, pages, advertisement and more. This will show either left or right side of your blog, your can add it as per your choice.


Footer is the buttom of your blog. You can add here All of your blog wedgets and pages and more. Here you can can also add copyright of your blog. All these customisation are help your blog to maintain structured data. Also this will help your blog readers to find your blog post easily.

Settings option overview of customisation.


In settings first and important option is title. In title option give your blog name. In which topic you have created your blog.


Next option is description where you will describe your blog, that what is your blog about and what you are providing in your blog in a summarised text. Between 500 words.


Favicon is like a logo which will show you on the top of your blog, near your blog address. This favicon helps your blog branding.

Search engine visibility:

In this option you can choose whether you now want to show your blog in search engines or not. If you are Now doing setup your blog newly and customising it, you can choose No option. But when your blog customisation becomes complete and now you are ready to show your blog in search engines, you should change it and choose yes option.

Blog address and custom domain:

Here you can see your blog address. If you have taken any free domain by default when you started your blog. If you want to add custom domain, you can add them here. And you can redirect your free domain to your custom domain.

HTTPS secure your blog: by default giving you Free SSL certificate. Where you can secure your blog using this SSL certificate. Only one simple steps to do. You should on the HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect option. Automatically your blog will be secure.


In settings option of blogger you can find posts option. Under this option you can setup in your Home page of blogger, howmany posts you want to show, you can choose here.


Under formatting option, you can set your time zone and also you can set date and time format here.

Meta tags:

Meta tags option in blog customisation is most important because, meta tag gives all the details about your blog to different search engines. So search engines can able to identify about your blog from meta tag. So carefully choose best meta tags for your blog.

Crawlers and indexing:

Crawling and indexing is most important settings in blogger customisation. Here you can give permission to different search engines crowlers to visit your blog and indexing in different search engines.

You should turn on, custom robot.txt option.

You can fill your custom robot.txt file.


User-agent: * Allow: / Sitemap:

Custom robot header tag:

Custom robot header tag is a option where you can control your blog indexing and crowling. You can inform crawlers that which pages will they Crawl or which pages they will not Crawl.

But when you modify custom robot header tag, you should be Very careful. If any mistake found, you will not able to index your blog in search engines.

See settings carefully.

Home page tags:

Under Home page tag, you should only turn on,

No index.

No DP.

Archive and search page tags:

Under Archive and search page tags, you should only turn on,

No index.

No DP.

Post and pages tags:

Under post and pages tags, you should turn on,


No DP.


Under monetization settings, you can only able to do, When you will be approved by Google Adsense. You will turn on, custom ads.txt. and fill out your ads.txt file. This will be only available when your blog will approve by Google Adsense for showing advertisement in your blog.


Friends here I have shared with you All the information about, how you can easily customise your blog using if you facing any issues when customising your blog, let us know about it, We will indefinitely solve your problem, comment below. And be a pro blogger.

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