How to create a SEO friendly article in your blog.

Friends after completion of setup your blog, now this is the time to create posts in your blog. Here I will share with you, How you can create SEO friendly article in your blog. 

Choose a topic and good title of your blog post.

Search this title first in Google search and find out what type of results showing in search results.

Open a blog post and carefully observe that blog, what types of article has been written.

Also see that in that topic, which points has been explained in that blog and also observe what has been missed in that blog post.

Next check out how many searches coming from that topic before.

You can do your keyword research from freely by Google keyword research tools.

You can find here volume of keyword research in Google from that topic and also you can know that, How much competition being in Google from that topic.

This will be good for you to choose High search volume and low competition keyword.

Create Seo Friendly Article

Choose best heading for your Blog Posts.

Under heading of the post, you can summarise main details about your post.

Devide heading of your post in different sub headings.

Explain related information in your sub headings.

You can also devide your sub headings with different minor headings.

For example:

You are sharing information about "best tourist attractions in India".

Your post Title will be: Tourist attractions in India.

Because you are providing information about tourist attractions in India.

Your post Sub headings will be: Different Tourist attractions in India

You post Minor headings will be: Name of all Tourist attractions in India.

So summarise your blog post carefully, because your blog readers will understand your topic and they can find all the information about this topic in a single article.

Design your article as a SEO friendly:

For design your blog for SEO friendly article, you should devide your article with different heading and sub headings. And add some pictures related to your article. And choose a best blog address. And link your other blog post with each other for internal linking. And also add most searched keywards in your blog post. So that your blog will be easily index in search engines.

Add best meta tags:

For making your article SEO friendly you should give a best meta tags. Meta tags should match your focus keyword of article. 

Add location:

You can add location where you want to show your article. If you want to show your article in india, you should choose your location as India. So that search engines will show your article mostly in india.

Add custom link in your article:

When you will write an article, your article title will automatically be your main link. For doing your article SEO friendly, you should add a custom link. Which will be your focus keyword on which you want to rank your article.

Create more back link in your article:

Back link creation is so simple, but some people trying to distract you. When you are creating a new blog, there is no need to create any backlink. Backlink will not impact anything for SEO of your blog. Only you should share your article with different social media platforms, that will be most important backlink for you. This will do impact in SEO for your blog. Because you are branding your blog in social media platforms. This is the largest backlink for your article. Nothing at all. When your blog will old and popular, automatically others will create backing on your blog. You don't need at all to waste your valuable time for creating backlink.

Request for indexing in Google search console:

After create your article, first share different social media platforms and then submit your article URL in Google search console. So that your blog will easily and quickly be index on Google search. Also you can submit your article URL in other search console.


Friends here I have shared with you, How you can write a SEO friendly article in blog. I think this article will help you a lot, you can contact us if any doubts you have or you can comment below. Next article I will share with you, different search console and different search engines details. If you want to buy any domains or web hosting, I will recommend you to purchase from Bluehost. Bluehost affiliate link given below. Support us by purchasing through this affiliate link. Thanks a lot and also check our other blogging series articles.